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The project loses its voice and how Forbes stands out

The project loses its voice and how Forbes stands out
With the success of bitcoin, the currency circle has officially entered the "bull market cycle", but many friends are complaining that it is more and more difficult to earn money in the currency circle. Indeed, today's futures have been reduced to leek harvesters, and Shanzhai coins are half dead under the hard support of the project side, while the big model coins of the great fire of 19 years have disappeared. Many people will ask why the 17-year ICO, 18-year IEO and 19-year model currency will not be seen until 2020 without strong policy intervention. It's not hard to understand. The reasons are as follows:
1., after 17 years of super bull market, the past 3 years are in the bubble stage.
After being cheated countless times, leek is more cautious about new projects. The era when a white paper and an official website can circle money is gone forever.
2. The blockchain project is difficult to land and has no physical support.
In the currency circle, no matter what projects boast heaven, unlike industry, there is no sustained hematopoietic capacity, and ultimately only to end up with zero.
3. All model coins are Ponzi schemes.
Not to mention model currencies, all models are pyramid pyramid schemes, which reward the first arrivals with the money of the latecomers. The bigger the bubble, the collapse is only a matter of time.
Is it true that the currency circle is so dead that there is no hope? If you really want to start a new craze in the currency circle, the top 3 problems must be overcome. That is to say, if there is a project that can control risks without bubbles, there is physical support, without pyramid schemes, it will be a long and steady way to make money.
Before that, there must be some people who say it's a dream. After the epidemic, the state vigorously supports the enterprises to revive the economy. However, in reality, it's very difficult for entities to do it, let alone blockchain projects. As a result, I noticed a project called Forbes. After studying the white paper, I suddenly felt that like discovering a new continent, unlike any project I have ever seen, this project has perfectly realized the above vision! Let's explore it with curiosity and see what kind of immortal project it is.
1、 0 raise funds, start the fund only by regular mining business
First of all, Forbes project is 0 fund-raising. Note that there is no fund-raising at the beginning, which eliminates the possibility of encircling money. Before the introduction of Forbes project token GFS, only bitcoin mining business was started. This bitcoin mining seems to be impossible. What does this have to do with the project itself? Let's explain later. First of all, mining business. Forbes first launched the "miner Alliance Plan". If you want to participate in it, you only need to pledge the deposit to purchase computing power or mining machines, and you can continue to get mining profits. Note why the project risk is controllable. The key points are:
  1. The deposit is returned daily for a period of one year through the smart contract.
The smart contract is deployed on Ethereum. The deposit usdt is returned every day. The smart contract is open-source, which ensures that the principal can be recovered 100% regardless of the outcome of the project.
  1. Mining income can be withdrawn every day.
The income from bitcoin mining will also be automatically converted into stable currency, which can be withdrawn every day, so as to realize the stable earning.
  1. Solid bitcoin ore pool support, which can be inspected on site.
The reason why the project is supported by entities is that 100% of the deposit mortgaged by users is used to purchase bitcoin mining machines. Forbes cooperates with bitcoin China, the global head mining pool, which can be visited at any time.
In this way, in the early stage of Forbes project, users can participate in bitcoin mining through 100% deposit return, and earn mining profits with little risk. If it's just mining, Forbes can't make a big impact on the currency circle. After all, there are two problems. One is that the cycle is too long; the other is that there is no promotion model. Although the model coins of the 19-year fire are all the end of collapse, the reason for the fire is that there are models to see how Forbes breaks.
2、 Static and dynamic dual mode, the fuse is on fire
As mentioned above, the return cycle of buying deposit for mining machine is as long as one year, which may deter many people. Forbes has designed two modes. If you don't do anything after buying the miner, you can only make money slowly through the deposit released every day and the income generated. At present, the annual income is about 180%, which is called static mode. If you want to make money quickly, Forbes has designed a dynamic model.
In dynamic mode, there are three modules.
  1. Promotion in wet season.
In the mining circle, if there is a high water period, the benefits of mining will increase, so Forbes will often launch this activity in the high water period. 10% of the deposit of the first single miner directly pushed by the users to the top 5 will be released immediately. For example, if I bought a 1000u miner, the deposit of 1000u would have been released in one year, but if I recommend five more people to buy the miner, and all the five people buy the 1000u miner, then 10% of the total amount of deposit, that is, 500U, can be released immediately. In this way, I can promote up to 5 people and get back half of the original immediately.
In addition, it should be noted that the funds released here are the sum of deposit and income, not only the deposit!
  1. Direct promotion increased release by 20%, indirect promotion increased release by 10%.
It's easy to understand. Let's take my purchase of 1000u mining machine as an example. When it is not promoted, the deposit plus mining revenue will release 7U in total every day. If one person is directly pushed, and this person purchases 1000u mining machine, I will increase the release money by 20%, i.e. 1.4u. If the person who is directly pushed also buys 1000u mining machine, it is indirect promotion. I can increase the release money by 10%, i.e. 0.7u, My daily release gold is 7U + 1.4u + 0.7u = 9.1u. The more you push, the faster you release, that's the mechanism.
  1. Labor Union level release.
The so-called labor union refers to other performance areas beyond the maximum performance line under umbrella, because I am the recommender of all people under umbrella, so I am the president. In order to encourage users to join the trade union, the presidents of different levels of trade unions can get different levels of release rewards. For example, if I only need 50000 U of direct and indirect funds to become a V1 Union, then 12% of the total income of bitcoin dug out by the whole network will be equally distributed to the presidents of all V1 unions for release, and so on.
In Forbes' promotion model, all these promotion rewards are only the release of your principal and income, not the money from your family. This is different from other MLM project core elements!
In other words, it would take a year to release the principal and mining income without doing anything at all, but if I promote, it can greatly increase the speed of capital recovery and income generation. When the promotion reward reaches the sum of the deposit and income that should have been obtained, the promotion reward is no longer effective.
Some may say that I have worked so hard to build such a large community. It is not worth it just for the principal and about 180% of the annual mining income. In fact, when the deposit and income are released completely, you can choose to re invest again, so that the promotion reward can be released all the time.
Someone will ask again, the income of bitcoin mining is uncertain every day, why is the release associated with the expected future income? Forbes expects mining bitcoin's annual revenue to reach 180%, far higher than other mining pools. Where does the capital come from?
It is very important to explain this problem, because Forbes is a pure entity, no bubble project, and there can be no Ponzi scheme.
  1. As the project has its own promotion mode, once it is started, the ore pool will grow rapidly by fission, so the huge size of the ore pool will have a lot of base gas and ask for the price of the power plant. Generally, the cost of pool electricity may be more than 0.35, while Forbes can save a lot of electricity cost.
  2. With the support of the world's top mining pools, the more mining machines are purchased, the less the marginal cost, so the cost of mining machines is actually lower than the average cost of all users, and this cost difference is also one of the benefits.
  3. Forbes has set up a "mining pool fund", which uses 20% of the income from the mining output of the whole network to enter the fund pool. This fund is dedicated to the purpose of continuous purchase of mining machines to expand the income. Therefore, the project has the capacity of continuous hematopoiesis.
3、 Forbes takes the overall situation and the final project vision is to realize distributed finance.
have ulterior motives. It would be a mistake to think that Forbes is just a new exploration of the mining model. What the project really wants to achieve is the landing of cross chain technology and the first echelon of distributed finance.
"Forbes miner alliance" is only the first step. With the launch of the main network, many node ecology gathered through mining will suddenly have a place to play, which to play, invincible. As we all know, the most popular concept of blockchain is difi (distributed Finance), which is also the field that Ethereum 2.0 will further explore in the future. What Forbes really wants to build in the future is to win the crown of decentralized finance and become the "UnionPay" of the currency circle.
Then when the Forbes ore pool is mature, Forbes will launch the main network and token GFS, and the output of GFS can only be obtained by purchasing a special miner. Because participating in the early bitcoin mining is also equivalent to contributing to the node ecology, users can choose to convert the mining revenue into GFS vouchers during the miner alliance period, and after the main network line, they can map to the main network token one by one. If we are optimistic about the future of GFS, it is a good choice to exchange mining income into GFS voucher in advance.
Of course, it is still the saying that the Forbes project is real, real landing, zero risk, no bubble. Unlike other deceptive projects, which will forcibly exchange the proceeds into the project token, the users can freely choose to exchange the mining proceeds for GFS, and they can also freely choose to purchase GFS mining machines in the future. It doesn't matter if you don't look forward to Forbes project. It's good to make bitcoin mining money in a safe and stable way. After all, everyone's cognition is different and their risk tolerance is different.
For me, such a solid project is hard to see in the currency circle. Forbes is not only real, but also does not adhere to the traditional entity mining, and the innovative introduction of no foam promotion mode. It can be predicted that this mode is sustainable development, and even I look forward to challenging the top mines of bitcoin. The earlier I participate in the project, the more meat I can eat. This is the essence of my participation in many projects. My mining income has been converted into GFS certificate almost the first time. After all, Forbes project has just started, facing a vast ocean to be developed.
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Forbes miner's union plan, let you make it clear

Forbes miner's union plan, let you make it clear
Learn from famous teachers: Dao organization comes from Cosmos, poca and other well-known open source projects as well as a number of Wall Street financial practitioners
Grounded Technology: the core research direction of blockchain developers "cross chain"
Looking at finance: building distributed financial infrastructure
Layout of mining industry: "mining machine, mine field and mine pool", and strive to build a trinity of mining giant whale in 2020
In 2020, Forbes, the most concerned blockchain 4.0 project, is about to launch its global mining plan: Forbes has released its own ASIC chip bitcoin miner, and GFS hard disk miner is under development. At the same time, Forbes deployed mines in various regions of the world, including China, Southeast Asia, the United States, Australia, Russia and other places, to protect the "consensus".
Forbes receives f2pool Based on the deployment of mining machines and mines in 2020, the Forbes plan will be launched with the strong support of internationally renowned mining pools. It is expected to build into the world's largest, most open and transparent comprehensive mine pool within three years.
Miner and quarry
Blockchain is revolutionary. It allows anyone to own and transfer assets through an open financial network without a trusted third party. There are now thousands of blockchain based assets, and the main way to produce encrypted assets is mining. "Mining", i.e. encrypted assets, represents the wealth anchored by the blockchain system, "mining" is the most direct means for all the network to obtain wealth. When the miner obtains the right to pack the blocks according to the consensus rules based on cryptography, and packages all the transactions correctly, the mining behavior can obtain the reward (token) given by the blockchain system for its honest record of the blocks, and when the blockchain system gains value promotion due to the growth and development of the participants, the token obtained by the miner will also be given higher and higher The secondary market value of. The miners produced the initial system pass. Therefore, mining industry has become the most upstream of blockchain industry.
It can be said that mining industry is the foundation of the whole blockchain industry, which determines the 0 or 1 of a blockchain system. The mining equipment we use is the miner.
The miner is essentially a computer. Personal computer is generally composed of CPU, GPU, memory, hard disk, motherboard and other devices. Mineral machinery is no exception in nature. Any mineral machinery is composed of motherboard + hard disk + mining chip. However, due to different mining machines for different algorithms of digital assets, such as GPU (or ASIC) for BTC, ETH mining, CPU for Monroe money mining, hard disk for IPFs, Bhd and other projects mining.
Forbes mining machine in the main board, hard disk, mining chip innovation, Forbes uses dpoc consensus algorithm, belongs to the hard disk mining branch. Forbes with the strongest computing power is also in the field of the Internet of things. In foreign countries, everything is connected, hundreds of millions of intelligent devices are connected with each other, and they have super computing power and stability. Forbes mining machines all over the world will be very suitable for the deployment of Internet of things protocol, and become an important component of blockchain + Internet of things.
The mine site is the offline site for the deployment and maintenance of mining machines. But for ordinary investors who want to enter the market, mining is difficult because the mining threshold is too high. Personal users want to mine, there is a huge deployment threshold and technical threshold. First of all, individuals can not get excellent electricity price, high temperature and high noise environment makes it impossible for users to mine at home. In addition, mining needs to be configured and deployed, and expensive mining machines need to be maintained regularly. Musk said that Tesla is not selling cars, but workshops. Standardization is necessary for an industry to achieve success. In the early miner Alliance Plan, Forbes launched its own BTC ASIC chip and bitcoin miner. At the same time, combined with major capitals, it created a global standardized Forbes mine, which was deployed and maintained in a unified way, greatly extending the service life of Forbes miner. According to the simulation test, Forbes I miner can operate stably for more than six years, which greatly reduces the mining cost and enables investors to obtain higher profits. Later, Forbes will log in to the Forbes hard disk miner in the ore pool after the main network goes online.
Forbes miners Alliance Program
Miner Alliance Plan: during a period of time when Forbes main network goes online, users can use collateral parallel chain assets (such as usdt, BTC, etc.) to lease computing power to deploy mining machines in global mines. In the lease term, the deposit is returned by the smart contract according to the number of days, and the mining revenue is obtained by the early participating nodes.
Due to the cross chain implementation of Forbes, a large number of nodes need to be deployed in the early days to complete the information interaction between the relay chain and the parallel chain. And with the scale of ore pool access, the marginal cost of new mining machines will be lower and lower, and the revenue will grow steadily. Therefore, Forbes started the plan of Forbes miners' alliance, realized the rapid scale of the mining pool with market funds, and realized the stable growth of mining profits.
Through the miner alliance, users can rent mining machines. In the form of "deposit contract" to ensure that each miner's fund is dedicated, and at the same time, for each miner, it is considered to realize the real deposit settlement on schedule through the blockchain intelligent contract. After the Forbes miner generates mining revenue, the user will get kusd stable currency. In the operation plan of Forbes Dao, all the miners who join the mine have the opportunity to convert part of the profits into GFS with unlimited potential.
It is estimated that the early participants in the Forbes miner's program will have more than 1.6 times the deposit during the lease term of one year. It was asked where such gains came from. In fact, as a representative project of blockchain 4.0, the appreciation of GFS is inevitable. At present, the trading of GFS secondary market has increased by more than 10 times in a week. With the continuous extension of parallel chain and the continuous exploration of financial business, there is almost no doubt that the growth of GFS exceeds that of bitcoin in a year, even if it is halved. Forbes Dao mass produces Forbes super miner through the digital assets mortgaged by users. After the cost is removed, it covers more than 1.6 times of the revenue to nodes. Almost the secondary market value of GFS alone is far beyond.
In addition, the BTC value dug out in the miner's Alliance plan will become a stable support for the miner's Alliance Plan, and 2020 is known as bitcoin minus half a year. Get BTC while digging GFS. To say the least, the price of GFS has fluctuated, and the BTC dug out is actually stable. Not to mention that the layout of Forbes gold stable currency, Forbes DEX and so on has been dragged down, and the user's income is cashed at any time. Forbes' miner plan is a three-way and multi win business initiative, which is the distributed power.
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Leads you to a comprehensive understanding of Forbes

Leads you to a comprehensive understanding of Forbes
What is the hottest blockchain project in 2020?
Besides GFS, GFS is still GFS in my mind! GFS currency - the only token of Forbes cross chain blockchain!
Forbes is the latest generation of blockchain, which can be said to be a new blockchain mode, or it is not a pure blockchain project. As we all know, in the era of blockchain 1.0, the bitcoin of Nakamoto brings decentralized distributed bookkeeping book, which enables human beings to have just assets for the first time; in the era of 2.0, the Ethereum smart contract created by V God makes the blockchain have divergent applications; in the era of 3.0, innovation public chains such as EOS make the application of blockchain easier to land. It will open Forbes in the era of blockchain 4.0 and create a distributed financial era of "ten thousand chain interconnection". My feeling is that Forbes is going to overthrow the traditional Internet and the classic blockchain, and reshape a financial world built directly on the blockchain.
The most classic sentence on the Internet is: change your life, but it has nothing to do with you.
In this way, Forbes uses the philosophy of blockchain and further technology to redo blockchain and bring blockchain to a new dimension. Today's bitcoin looks like a monument and a myth, but Forbes is using its cross chain technology and financial deployment to gently reinterpret the blockchain.
Next, I will expand what you are concerned about and what I see in the form of Q & A:
1. Is it investment or speculation to participate in Forbes?
Although we do not exclude speculation, there is no doubt that participating in Forbes is one of the best investment behaviors in 2020, no less than investing in bitcoin in 2013 and Ethereum in 2016. Forbes is a pure technology project, with no messy black box operation. As Forbes early deployed the ore field to facilitate the construction of cross chain system, early users can rent the Forbes BTC miner loaded with self-developed bitcoin ASIC chips by way of mortgage, with the strongest configuration on the ground. Moreover, in the process of mining, the early nodes do not even need to pay a penny, only mortgage deposit can deploy the physical miner. The income obtained can also participate in the early stage node plan carried out by Dao organization, and part of the income can be converted into GFS through Forbes wallet.
And the deposit is not a routine, all the mortgage deposits will be locked in the chain. With the shortening of the lease term, each day will be returned to the user's wallet through the "deposit smart contract", without any centralized individual and organization participation in the whole process. In this way, it is equivalent to zero risk investment! After all, Forbes, with its cryptology and open source spirit, is inherently powerful. What Forbes wants to change is the life of centralization!
And then there's no more. Jane is not simple.
2. Why do you like Forbes?
Very simple, blockchain 4.0
First of all, let's not talk about anything. Forbes has solved a problem - mining hegemony.
In the past, blockchain seems that nodes can enter and leave freely, but in fact, it needs a huge threshold to become nodes and obtain mining rewards. Whether it's bitcoin, you need to buy very expensive and complex mining equipment (ASIC miner), or EOS, Tron and other POS projects, and you need to hold a large number of coins to be elected as nodes. All in all, most of the current blockchain systems need very high mining costs, which in essence violates the principle of zhongbencong's blockchain design.
The powerful thing about Forbes is that it creatively constructs dpoc as a consensus mechanism of trunk chain (main chain). Dpoc is a kind of common understanding of POC. There is no big deployment threshold for mining with hard disk miner. As a result of the consensus between Forbes blockchain Multi Chain Design and dpoc, all mining machines that do not have the relay chain node selected can pack the interaction information between the parallel chain and the relay chain, and can also obtain the block reward. In essence, such a design realizes Zhongben Cong's idea that everyone can dig. Let alone Forbes to build a mine pool, to build the strongest mining machine that can dig out the Forbes token GFS.
With this in mind, which blockchain product can match.
Layout of Forbes
The vision of Forbes: to build the most universal distributed financial system in the world, driven by Forbes, the most widely used cross chain system in the world.
I saw two key words: cross chain, distributed Finance
Cross chain is the most urgent problem in current blockchain ecology. In the past 10 years, various blockchain systems have been deepening in security and performance, but no progress has been made in chain and chain scalability. As you can see, the chain and the chain is an island. Can EOS players and wave players break the bond?
In the human financial life, transaction, loan, personal credit, supply chain finance, stock, commodity... They are directly full of interaction and connection. It can be said that human beings are dealing with all kinds of transactions all the time. Can the isolated blockchain really solve the problem?
Forbes is born to be a global distributed financial system and truly a financial ecosystem. Imagine what a change it would be if you could smoothly carry out blockchain financial activities with foreign small partners. This pattern is too big for me to say. But please believe that if this is done, it can be described as a complete disaster.
3. Is it better to mine or invite new people?
Since this is my experience interpretation, I think: invite, boldly invite new people. Every time you invite one, you add a certain amount of calculation power. It's good to mine in Buddhism, but if you can participate in the birth of a great project, you can get more profits. Why not?
Let's take a different perspective: now that you recognize Forbes, you recognize its value. Or you're not going to dig, are you! So, why can't we add more yards! Since we are trying to change our destiny, this is the highest lever. If it does, which lever can be bigger than Forbes!
So, invest money or energy, and do what you can.
4. Do I want to join the Forbes pool project?
Do you want to do it.
They all recognize the value, so they can download the application directly.
My original intention:
First of all, GFS coin is a new mining model - POC hard disk mining that "everyone can dig, everyone can benefit". It avoids pow (proof of work workload) which is a large power consumption mode. In the initial stage of the main network online, Forbes opened the mine pool plan, leasing the mine machine at zero cost, becoming the earliest node of blockchain 4.0 representing the project, and obtaining the maximum benefit. Why not? You know, GFS production is also halved in four years. To dig now is to dig bitcoin before 2013, without cost.
Secondly, in this stage, we can also increase the number of invited nodes. After the completion of the mining pool plan, we can only rely on hard indicators to increase the computing power. Now we can also rely on our efforts to get more profits. Therefore, in the face of equal opportunities for all, this is a great opportunity to take the initiative. Still hesitant?
5. Blockchain is my knowledge blind area. What can I do if I don't understand cross chain knowledge?
First of all, you have to ask you, this is the excuse you don't want to get wealth?
Not only Forbes is your knowledge blind area, but blockchain is a knowledge blind area for ordinary people. However, you should know that in 2020, the State advocates blockchain, the central bank DCEP has been put into trial operation, and blockchain has been applied in many aspects. Are you still in your blind spot?
Of course, it's not good to pull the national flag. Let's talk about something practical. Opportunity always appears in new things. Ask, what's the matter with you, a solidified model? You have money or connections. I believe that choice is more important than effort. A road, if we choose the wrong direction at the beginning, the harder we work, the farther away we are from our goal.
Therefore, the knowledge blind spot is not my problem, but whether you have a heart willing to contact new things!
Among the miners I know, there is a 67 year old elder brother who has been a soldier, a factory, a traditional businessman and a cell phone. Do you still have his blind spot?
6. Will Forbes succeed?
To be honest, I don't know. But I know that it is the blockchain project that I hope to reach the most in 2020. For details, please refer to the second question, why I like Forbes. If you really question Forbes, you can choose to only participate in the "miner Alliance Plan" and choose to mine at zero cost. No matter how the Forbes project progresses, you can get the benefit of mining without cost. Why not? Besides, when the Forbes project is really implemented, you can decide whether to invest in GFS. I'm sure you will have your own judgment at that time.
7. What is the most important thing to dig GFS?
Insist, insist, or insist.
We must make full use of our efforts in the earliest planning activities of the mine pool. After all, mining at zero cost + inviting to increase the calculation power and increase the support in the wet season. At this stage, we must dig more coins and exchange more for GFS. Maybe the reward coins you dig out in three months can't be found in a year after you try to buy hard disk mining machines for nodes.
8. There are so many people who rent mining machines first. Do I have a chance?
People die more than people, and goods are thrown away more than goods. Don't compare with others, just be yourself.
God said, I can fulfill your one wish, but I will give you twice as many neighbors.
You will choose 10 million positive choices,
Or one less arm in the dark?
Mining is like this. Those old miners are your neighbors. Dare to own 10 million good, do not think about neighbors than you 10 million. Is that right? And when there are 10000 GFS, do you still want someone to have 100 more than you?
9. How much is GFS worth?
To be honest, I don't know. The number of GFS is 21 million bitcoin, and the price of bitcoin is about 60000 yuan. The GFS main network has just been launched. In some markets, its price has increased more than 10 times in five days, far exceeding the price of bitcoin before the half reduction. The miners who rent mining machines in advance are blessed.
As for the future, with the start of the implementation of blockchain financial facilities this year, GFS must be just the beginning. Where is the top? We witnessed it together.
10. Which do I want, kusd or usdt?
For now, it doesn't matter which one you use. Although usdt has a lot of potential risks, there are still many people using it. However, we all know that it will have a thunderstorm sooner or later.
As a cross chain gold stable currency, when cross chain finance begins to integrate into public life, kusd will show its power, which is better than issuing a usdt once in a chain. Moreover, more than 95% of the value of each kusd is based on gold, which can be exchanged by major gold exchanges in the world. The stability of gold. Have you seen it clearly in this epidemic? This is beyond the dollar.
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Forbes, the King of Cross-Chain

Forbes, the King of Cross-Chain
What is the most popular blockchain project in 2020? There is no doubt that it is the strongest cross-chain — Forbes .
Forbes is the latest generation of blockchain, so it can be said that it is a brand new blockchain model, or it is no longer just a blockchain project. As we all know, in the era of blockchain 1.0, Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin brought decentralized distributed bookkeeping, which enabled humans to have equity assets for the first time. In the era of 2.0, the ethereum smart contract created by V god has enabled the divergent application of blockchain; In the 3.0 era, the innovative public chain such as EOS makes it easier to implement block chain applications. Forbes, which will usher in the era of blockchain 4.0, will create a distributed financial era of "10,000 chain interconnection". It gives me the impression that Forbes wants to demolish the traditional Internet and the classic blockchain and reshape a financial world built directly on the blockchain.
The Internet's most classic phrase is: change your life, but it has nothing to do with you.
Forbes is doing just that, redoing blockchain with the philosophy of blockchain and further technology, taking blockchain to a whole new dimension. Today's bitcoin looks like a monument and a myth, but Forbes is gently reinterpreting the blockchain with its cross-link technology and financial deployment.
Getting involved with Forbes is one of the best investments in 2020, just like investing in bitcoin in 2013 and ethereum in 2016. Forbes is a purely technical project, not a backroom operation. Since Forbes early deployed pool mines to facilitate the construction of the cross-chain system, early users could rent the ForbesBTC mining machine loaded with self-developed bitcoin ASIC chip by means of mortgage, with the strongest configuration on the surface. And in the process of mining, the early nodes don't even have to pay a penny, and they can deploy the physical miners just by pledging a deposit. The proceeds can also be converted into GFS through the Forbes wallet by participating in the DAO organization's early-stage node plan.
And deposit is by no means a routine, all mortgage deposit, will be locked in the chain. With the shortening of the lease period, every day will be returned to the user's wallet through the "smart deposit contract", without any centralized individual or organization participating in the whole process. After all, Forbes, with its cryptography and open-source software ethos, is inherently strong. What Forbes wants to change is the centralized life!
Forbes, however, is strong in its creative construction of the DPOC as a trunk chain consensus mechanism. DPOC is a kind of common understanding of POC. It USES hard disk mining machine to dig ore, and there is no big deployment threshold. However, due to the consensus of Forbes blockchain multi-chain design and DPOC, all mining machines that are not selected as relay chain nodes can pack the parallel chain and relay chain to interact with each other, and they can also get block rewards. Such a design essentially realizes satoshi nakamoto's vision of "digging for everyone." Not to mention Forbes's construction of pool mines to create the strongest mining machines with one machine and two machines.
Based on this, can you recall which blockchain product can be compared?
Forbes vision: to build the most universal distributed financial system in the world, driven by Forbes, the most widely used cross-link system in the world. I see two key words: cross-chain, distributed finance
Cross-chain is the most urgent problem to be solved in the current block chain ecology. Over the past decade, various blockchain systems have evolved in terms of security and performance, but not in terms of chain and chain ductility. As you can see, chains are isolated islands. Can those who play EOS and those who play wave field have the same language?
In human financial life, transactions, loans, personal credit, supply chain finance, stocks, commodities... They are directly interactive and connected. It can be said that human beings are dealing with all kinds of transactions all the time. Can the isolated island block chain really solve the problem?
Forbes is a global distributed financial system and a real financial ecosystem. Imagine what a revolution it would be if you could smoothly conduct blockchain financial activities with foreign partners. This pattern is too big, I don't know. But believe me, this one, if it works, can be described as transformative.
I honestly don't know how much GFS is worth. The number of GFS is the number of bitcoins, 21 million bitcoins. The current price of bitcoins is about 60,000 yuan each. The GFS main network has just launched, and in some markets, its price has risen fivefold in five days, well above the price of bitcoin before it halved.
As for the future, with the arrival of blockchain financial facilities this year, GFS must be just beginning. At the top? We witness together.
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Bitcoin Is Here to Stay | nuv mining

The following phase in the Bitcoin revolution will certainly be the standardization of the exchanges where the coins are traded. Bitcoin is presently in bush West miner days of its development. The globe has actually concurred that a Bitcoin provides a saved action of value in the same way that gold and silver have throughout the ages. Like gold and silver, Bitcoin is only worth what the various other person wants to pay you for it. This has actually brought about dishonesty since trading started. Crooked scales and also loaded ore all became part of the standard as both the miners as well as the assayers sought to pad their profits. This brought about governmental oversight and the production of central exchanges.
nuv mining
The Bitcoin dream has actually been to police its own community and also continue to be past the physical scrutiny of any type of international federal government. The Optimistic desire was shattered a month back when Mt. Gox, by far the biggest Bitcoin exchange, closed down because of a protection breach and burglary of about $300 million worth of Bitcoin. Customers that had Bitcoin on deposit with Mt. Gox still do not recognize just how much they'll come back. The issues at Mt. Gox lay bare the cyber safety argument. Remarkably, Bitcoin as a money has revealed amazing resilience. This resilience can quite possibly be just the increase required to legitimize the money and the lean in the direction of governmental involvement that might in fact aid this fledgling store of worth skyrocket to its conventional capacity.
The timing of the Mt. Gox case may show to be an advantage for the currency. Tera Team, out of Top New Jersey, currently had suggested a bilateral contract to the Commodity Trading Futures Compensation (CFTC) to begin trading Bitcoins with a swap-execution facility or, central exchange. The huge majority of industrial currency trading is done via swaps arrangements which is why we comply with the business traders in our own trading. A swap contract is essentially an insurance policy that supplies a guaranteed worth at a details point to secure against money changes. It's what the product exchanges are established on. The swap markets are the superhighways of the economic market. They refine substantial quantities while accumulating a small toll on each transaction. As a result, the price on the individual swap is tiny however the large quantity of swaps refined makes it a significant revenue source for all of the significant financial institutions.
The CFTC has yet to discuss Tera Team's proposal. We commented in November that Bitcoin had transcended novelty status which the revenue swimming pool was becoming too big for international financial institutions to neglect. Bitcoin's durability despite the Mt. Gox debacle is a testament to the power of an international grassroots movement. Bitcoin must have plunged across the globe as owners of Bitcoins tried to exchange them for hard currency. The marketplace's reaction became very organized. While rates did fall across the board, the market appeared to understand that it was a specific firm's issue as well as was as a result constrained to Mt. Gox customers' capability to obtain their cash out. Consequently, Bitcoin costs have actually maintained around $585. This is well off the December high of $1,200 but very near the average price for the last 6 months.
The last together timed item of the structural transformation from Bitcoin as an anarchist, alternative store of value that exists outside the institutionalized monetary market to being integrated right into that very same financial system is its capacity to be taxed by the brick and mortar federal governments it was created to circumvent. The Internal Revenue Service ultimately made a decision adequate suffices and it wants its cut. The Internal Revenue Service has declared Bitcoin as property instead of money and also is for that reason subject to residential or commercial property laws instead of currency regulations. This permits the Internal Revenue Service to get their share while legitimizing the demand for a main exchange to determine value. It additionally gets rid of disagreements with the U.S. Treasury and Congress over lawful tender concerns. It's merely valued as a good that can be exchanged for other products as well as solutions, barter.
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The 8 Skills to Be a Good Miner

Many people may feel quite confused about their low profit now. Maybe you forget to think about the small details when you are mining. Small little details will make big difference in your final income.
Now, i want to share you the 8 skills to improve your benefits.
1, Get a cheaper power
Everyone knows the power is the most charge in mining, if we can find a cheaper electricity, it will be good. So, how to get a cheaper electricity?
55% of the mining is in China, and 40% of the mining is in Sichuan China. Why? Because there are many hydroelectric power station in there. So, you can find a place near the station and get a cheaper electricity from them.
If you can find free electricity, it is the best anyway
2, Choose low w/t machine
As you know, low comsuption machine is very popular those days, like S17 pro 53t, T17 42t. They are 7nm technical, the w/t is low and it can even overclock, it maybe a good choice. Also, we need to consider the price of machine.
Cheap price machine means fast ROI, But low W/T machine has a bright future.
3, Buy miner when BTC begin to raise after long drop
When BTC price keep falling, of course the machine will be cheaper and cheaper. When the BTC price begin to raise, we can buy miner at that time, because the price is the cheapset and you can earn money back soon.
Normally at that time, the good machine will be sold out quickly, when the market feedback that those machine are good, you may be late to get the chance. So, make your plan for purchasing before, when price down, get them.
4, Do not forget BCH, BSV, ZEN coin
Do remember SHA-256 Algorithm can mining BCH and BSV as well. Sometimes those coin may get even a better profits than BTC.
Some miner has auto setting for BTC, but you can choose BSV and BCH mining if you set it,
5, Notice the half reward period information
Because the half reward time is coming in 2020, there will be a chance or a risk for it. Many low hashrate machine may be out of the style and high hashrate will be more competitive.
Low your risk and not to buy those cheap machine now
6, Choose a good future crypto currency
There are many coins in this field now, we need to analyse and find a better direction for mining. Like Z11, many people use it for ZEN mining nowadays, and their benefits is top now.
Also, people buy many S17, it can earn money back before next year half reward time. And they believe the BTC price will increase creazily as last two times.
7, Make plan for your selling of coin or machine
As you know, the price of the BTC changes everytime, we can mining the BTC first and keep it in hand, do not sell it every day. It is very stupid. Just sell it when price high, you do not need to take any risk if you do not buy BTC directy. We do not need to care about the low price situation, we only need to wait. When chance come, get it.
Same for machine
8. Don't be fooled by the mining calculator
Many sites calculate mining profits based on hardware and electricity prices. If you've never mined before, you might be happy to see the numbers provided by these websites and calculators and think, "I'll make a fortune!"
However, these websites don't tell you: in addition to the cost of electricity, there may be other current costs, such as maintenance, cooling, rent, labor, etc. Generally, the hash rate and power consumption of the device are slightly different from what the factory says.
This difference is more common in unpopular brands. You can better understand the actual hash rate and the actual power consumption by watching the miner test video on YouTube. In addition, depending on the distance from the meter to the device and the type of cable used, the power loss from the meter to the device can be as high as 200 watts.
In addition to the cost of mining machines, some initial costs are required to prepare the infrastructure, such as cooling and venting, cabling and distribution, shelves, network and monitoring equipment, safety measures, etc.
The network difficulty is constantly changing and increasing at a significant speed, which directly affects the mining revenue. You can check the bitcoin network difficulty chart to see its growth rate, but your miner will not always be 100% active.
Due to maintenance, network problems, ore pool problems, power problems and many other problems, the miner may be offline for several hours. I suggest that you consider setting the normal operation time of the miner to less than 97% when calculating. We have rich mining experience in professional ore pools, and the normal operation time of these mining machines will not exceed 97-98%.
Thats all, hope those information will help you become a good mining investor.
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The Synthetic Newbe Doge buy guide, plus my 2 cents

Hi guys, this is my first post/comment/whatever on reddit, I hope it can be useful to everyone. I want to talk mainly about 2 topics:
Section 1) : To The Mooooon!
I'm a proud owner of 3.6K dogecoins, I mainly earned them in 2 ways
I'm a newbe in dogecoins or cryptocurrency in general, but I'm not a newbe on the net. I'm skilled in researches, payments and avoid scam/frauds, since I was a newbe I needed 2 things on my way to buy: affordable and safe.
What it comes is what I found.

=========== START OF TUTORIAL ================

Section 1a) : Buy Them
IMPORTANT: You CANNOT use Paypal, just SEPA or credit/debit card, even prepaid ones (which I suggest, safety first!)
Coinbase is the most safe "crypto-bank" I've been able to find. To join their board, you need to subscribe a new account, set your phone number, send a document so they can verify your ID, save a payment method.
Step 1/3:
IMPORTANT: keep in mind that you will pay a small fixed fee on your transfer, in my case if I buy an amount:
Step 2/3: Now that you own your bitcoin/ethereum/litecoin, you have to exchange them, but before this you need a wallet! I found a nice and safe site:
Just subscribe here, follow ALL the instruction the site asks, and in a couple of minutes you'll have a safe, fast with no fees doge wallet. Remember to backup all your wallet in a safe place!
Step 3/3:
Since it's almost impossible to directly buy dogecoin, you need a way to buy something else (bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin in this tutorial), and then exchange in to dogecoins. For this pourpose, I used changer.
All you have to do is subscribe an account, it is a legit site, you have to (obviously) pay some fees when converting a coin to another, but they're not that high. Safeness means fee, remember!
IMPORTANT: remember that every coin transaction pays a fee, so keep in mind that from the amount of coins you are going to trasnfer from your coinbase account, you have to substract the automatically applied fees (what you can send FROM coinbase will ALWAYS be a bit less than your balance!) . To check how much you can transfer, just go into coinbase, the 3th menu option on the top (the wallet icon), select the coin you bought (in my case Litecoin) and click on send, click on the amount you want to send (there are 2 fields, first euusd and second the amount of coin) and then click maximum amount. Copy that number.
Now, go back to changer:
Now you have to wait 10-20 min in order to transfer the coinbase amount to changer, then from changer to your dogecoin wallet, that's it!
IMPORTANT: there's always a loading bar over the amount to transfer field in changer, when it is full it will update the change rate from one coin to another, it depends on the market change rate.
That's it, congratulations, you safely bought dogecoins! Welcome new shiber!
Section 1b) : Faucet
There are many faucet or things that promise you free coins, 2 considerations:
Anyway during my researches, I found a "group" of inter-related faucets that really pay, I received about 300 doge from them. The idea behind this kind of faucets I'm about to talk is: the more often you'll check the page (not less than 5 minutes), the more you'll learn (anyway we're talking of cents even assuming you'll never sleep and stop living, just be on the site to claim every 5 minutes). Anyway, this set of faucets will continue generating coins even if your browser is absolutely closed, so they're worth a try.
That's it new shiber, you got some free dogecoins!
Actually, I spent 40 eur on dogecoin, buying in different times, hope we'll go on the moon soon :)

=========== END OF TUTORIAL ================

Section 2): My 2 cents
I think that what is happening to cryptomarket in these days is related to many factors.
In my opinion, there's no reason to get scared, in 10 days cryptomarket lost an average of 30% value, why shouldn't it gain back again? In february I expect dogecoin to skyrocket, as well as other cryptocurrencies, this is a sea that cannot be stopped anymore, so shibers let's hold, and don't forget that
1 Doge = 1 Doge.
Hope all this poem will be useful to someone, keep rocking guys :)
Thank you for your existence reddit, I learned a lot thanks to you!
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In-Game Economy Systems: Cryptocurrency and Markets

It was loosely stated in an interview recently that there's ideas in the VR team about economy systems and wanting marketplaces to be a thing. This is super interesting to me, so I decided to write a big mess of words going on about a system I think would be interesting.
( )
Apologies for how long this goes on, but it's a complicated topic and I wanted to try to flesh it out a little to provide context to the idea.
Economy systems in MMO have always been really tricky--they all suffer from the same fatal flaw as time goes on: inflation. Inflation causes a breaking point in which the currency becomes nearly pointless. Purchasing supplies goes from being something you think about early on to being something you ignore entirely once you reach a point where the money you're injecting into the game world is sufficiently large enough.
The worst offender of inflation are in-game merchants. These infinite-money machines all accept any amount of goods for a pre-determined value. The value of these items never changes, it's always the same, forever, and that doesn't make all that much sense. Eventually, the cumulative in-game currency becomes enormous, prices begin to sky-rocket, it's silly.
But what if an MMO implemented the concepts we can see in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? What if we took this concept of a finite money source and wrapped it in an open market economy system, where various cities have their own markets with their own values on goods or services?
In bitcoins, the high level premise is that there are only a certain quantity of Bitcoins that can exist. Each time a bitcoin is mined, it becomes harder to mine another. A bitcoin can be subdivided into smaller units (much like Dollars and Pennies in the US). This produces an extremely complex, but self-adjusting economic system. Their perceived value adjusts based on how many are in circulation, and how much on average a person would have.
So to go back to my original question, while the system is far more complex to introduce than the standard "Items are sold to merchants for flat values and every expansion we just make things sell for more that you can go farm", I think it would be hugely impressive to implement a system similar to Bitcoins for an MMO.
So how would this work?
Here's what I would propose, I'll phrase it relative to EverQuest's economy system: Platinum, gold, silver, copper. NOTE: The examples I'm using aren't perfect, they're just to demonstrate the idea.
Step 1: Set a hard-cap on how much Platinum exists in the world. Let's just imagine that 2,000,000,000 platinum exists. At the beginning of a server's life, this is the cap, it won't all exist at once, but at a certain point it will.
Step 2: Design a system to distribute this Platinum into existence over time. This is the tricky part. Defining the parameters in which money is allowed to enter the system and be taken from the pool of available resources. The key to these sorts of systems is that we're effectively trying to get the players to require some kind of input and receive pieces of a platinum back out of it.
I have a few suggestions:
-- Merchants will inject money into the system, based on inflation, with purchase orders for simple goods that players can satisfy. Not everything, mind, only commonly found simple items for the most part. Perhaps you can sell a stack of spider silk for 10 silver to a merchant. Over time though, as more Platinum is injected into the system, this price drops.
-- Humanoid enemies will also provide money, also based on inflation rates, meaning over time the amount of money they'll produce becomes smaller. If the value of platinum increases then we don't want these monsters carrying a disproportionate amount of money, so the quantity is going down because the value is going up. The implication is that these humanoid enemies would understand this to some extent and value money proportionally to the way merchants value money.
Step 3: Incorporate a market-based economy in the game. I think this is a critical piece of the puzzle. A second, more important idea that has to be tied closely with this step, is that all items must have value in the game. Nothing in the game can be truly, genuinely useless. None of the "vendor trash" items. It cannot exist, because those items have no perceived value to the market. All items in the game must either be components to construct other items or be the end result of those components. A sword must be able to be broken down into components, the blade must be able to be smelted back down into a small ingot to be used elsewhere.
Refer to games like Eve Online for prime examples of market economies within a game. Let's expand our example from before, the stack of spider silk. We've established that various merchants may have Purchase Orders for Spider Silk at ~10 silver. Any player can sell a stack to the merchant for 10 silver. But if Players are crafters, they need this spider silk. To compete, they'll have to place a Purchase Order for more than the merchants will buy it for. You, as the holder of spider silk, surely want the best price for your silk, so you go with the player who's willing to buy it for more than the merchant.
As prices begin to drop however, players who are looking to buy Spider Silk don't want to get gouged! So they lower their Purchase Order as well, still higher than merchants, but less than it used to be.
This also goes the other way! As the owner of the silk, you've gotta find the best price. To continue the examples, if you were to go to the market in Cabilis, your silk would be worth very little. It's stupidly plentiful in the Field of Bone. However, if you were to travel to the Faydark market, perhaps this silk is worth more as spiders were substantially less common there. Provided you have enough silk, it may be worth the trip to get a great price over in Faydark.
Another important piece of this part, is that all market transactions would be taxed, putting that money back into the pool of global economy. People will always be generating money from bad guys, or other ways that maybe I haven't thought of.
Summary: A limit on total currency, a system in which the amount of money dispersed is controlled, and a market-based economy. I don't think the system I proposed is perfect, there's definitely holes in it, I think the player input -> money injecting into the system needs to be ironed out more. It may also require that a system is in place for money to exit back into the pool. But I think the core concept sounds fun and interesting. Eve Online demonstrates to us that a complex economy system can drive a very unique, complex gameplay experience for users.
In the end, I think a system like this is really healthy for a game to have lots of horizontal progress--it encourages you to do things. It allows pure-crafters to exist, as they aim to purchase materials for cheap to craft and sell their goods for good money. People can be adventurers, or bandits, or guards, or crafters, all contributing to the economy in their own way. Adventurers will want to explore dungeons to find the great loot there; maybe for their own desire, maybe though they have a contract to obtain and bring an item back. Maybe you're there to supress the undead in a mine so miners can get in and mine some rare and valuable ore deposits, to craft really great armor and weapons.
Thanks for reading!
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Mining and mining machine overview

The essence of mining is decryption, and the encrypted digital currency we all recognize is a series of passwords.
The digital currency in a pool, if we dig it out, we’ll have it. The mining machine is essentially the equivalent of a hacker system capable of cracking the code in a short time and then taking it out.
How to dig the ore — pit and the types of mining machines
How to dig? Mining can be done by buying a miner. The essential principle of mining is to operate the mining program on the mine, and calculate the algorithm to get the reward.
Mine pool: the output of individual miners is not stable.In order to obtain stable mining profits, there is a mine pool. The pool is a collection of miners’ machines.
The more the ore, the stronger the calculation. In the total strength of the entire network, a certain proportion of the share, so that a stable mining out. When mining a mineral, it will be distributed proportionally according to the calculating forces contributed by a single miner to the pit, which will usually charge a small fee.
Mining machine variety
At the beginning, most of the mainstream miners were mainly bitcoin mining by ASIC mining machines, supplemented by LTC. With the emergence of ETH, ZEC, SC and other digital currencies, some of them began to choose to use the graphics card mining machine to dig ETH and other currencies. Miners are chasing the biggest profits.
The mine is divided into two types: ASIC miner and video card miner.
ASIC mining machine: the ant S9 produced by bit China is now the most mainstream mining machine in the market, which is famous for its small power consumption. Other manufacturers include AvalonMiner, EBANG, etc.
Video card mining machine: at present, there is a professional video card mining machine in the market, professional mining machine manufacturers have the flag mining machine, panda mining machine and so on.
Costs, benefits and risks of mining
Mining cost is divided into three types:
Mining machine cost: the mining machine cost is a fixed one-time expense. The choice of mining machine depends on which currency to dig. From the perspective of hardware performance, a machine can work normally for at least 3–5 years. In other words, the one-time investment of the mining machine can provide a relatively fixed output for at least 3 to 5 years without the increase of calculating force. If you want to sell it in the middle, you can also find someone to sell it, but the price will depreciate.
Electricity price cost: the electricity price cost belongs to long-term fixed output, so it is very important to find a place where the electricity price is low. In the long run, it is important to choose cheap power sources in these places.
Other costs: site costs and labor costs are all other costs, including the cost of machine maintenance.
Mining benefits
The source of income from mining is divided into two parts, namely new block award and commission fee award.
Mining awards at the start of bitcoin’s life are mostly made up of new block awards, with minimal processing fees. Along with the bitcoin mining mechanism, the production is halved and the amount of transaction data is increased, and the fees will gradually increase in the income. When the bitcoin production is exhausted, it will be all composed of fees.
Mining risks fall into three categories
The soaring computational power: The soaring computational power is the biggest risk of mining investment. The increase of computational power leads to the increase of mining difficulty and the decrease of earnings. However, due to the inevitable competition in the free market, the increased risk of computational power is acceptable.
Currency price falls: when the currency price falls to a certain extent, the output income from mining is less than the electricity generated, there will be loss. But it is estimated that a 50 percent charge for electricity, with a price below 50, 000 yuan (bitcoin), is likely to lose money, and the current price is close to 100, 000 yuan (bitcoin), unless it falls below 50, 000 yuan (bitcoin) in the short term for special reasons, such as regulation.
System risk:system risks are common in bitcoin, the most common of which is bifurcation. Bifurcation will lead to a drop in the value of the currency, mining profits are sharply reduced. However, as far as the present situation is concerned, bifurcation can only bring benefits to the miners. The bifurcated competitive currency also requires the miners’ computing power to complete the process of casting and trading. In order to attract more miners, the competitive currency will offer more block rewards and fees to attract them. On the contrary, risk makes miners.
Summary: mining investment risk in addition to calculate power surge, other kinds of investment risk is also block chain have to bear the risk, systemic risk due to the workload in the currency needs of the miners, but gives the miners more profit opportunities, ensure that the mining income is relatively stable, so the investment of mining is relatively low in block chain investment risks of investment. Mining is not the early days when personal computers could be used to dig up bitcoins. A large number of professional miners and professional mines have created large-scale mines.
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What is Mining?

If you are new to cryptocurrency or are interested in learning more about the technology behind the increasingly popular field, then this article is for you. Some of the terminology and concepts in the cryptocurrency world are very foreign to most people, and as a wise person once said, “you don’t really understand something if you can’t explain it to your grandmother.” So let us try to make sense of mining crypto currencies in the simplest terms, along with how a service like MinerGate can facilitate your goals from a simple hobby to larger investment-oriented results.
First, ask yourself why the world needs banks. Civilization needs a place where money can be stored safely, where transactions can be recorded by an honest and independent 3rd party, and a place where money can be invested or borrowed in loans or other credit. That has worked out pretty well for bankers, hasn’t it? Today, banks own professional sports arenas all over the world and control huge sectors of global finance from construction to the arts. There is a lot of profit in banking, and very little of that goes to you and me, the little guys. But imagine if we no longer needed banks. Imagine if all those grand profits no longer went to the 1% of top earners in the world, but instead was shared more evenly across the 99%. That’s the idea behind cryptocurrency: basically, we don’t need powerful banks holding all the money anymore now that blockchain technology is here.
Let us next work with some foreign sounding terms. Imagine that the “Blockchain” is basically an excel spreadsheet file on your computer with some data in it. Except that it isn’t just on your computer, it is on a million computers across the globe, and it isn’t just “some” data, it’s all the financial transactions on record for that particular currency—and encrypted so no trusted 3rd party is needed. If a hacker wanted to hack your computer and change the data in your file to reflect all of the money in your checking account going into their account, that would be pretty easy. But when that file is on a million computers, the hacker would have to hack a million computers all at once to do the same thing—and that it nearly impossible. It is certainly more impossible that it would be to hack a bank’s computer system!
So you have this account data that is shared across all these computers, but so what? Well, that is where “mining” comes into play. Mining is just a funny word used to describe participation in the financial record-keeping with a high-powered computer. When I decide to mine a particular currency, what I am actually doing is connecting my super-fast (often super-expensive) computer to the cryptocurrency network and allowing that network to use my computing power to run the transactions. There is a lot of technical jargon that happens here, and we will keep it simple. Computational challenges arise from the heavy burden of encrypting all the financial record-keeping. All you need to know is that “mining” is nothing more than applying your personal computing power to solving those computational challenges. Mining rewards are a financial incentive to users who provide the fastest, most powerful computers. The faster and more accurate the computer you provide, the greater your reward in crypto currency coins. MinerGate is a great way to do this, where users can join a mining “pool” that combines computational resources among a group of users who share the rewards together. Many currencies are reasonably profitable today when mined in a good pool like Minergate with even a modest computer CPU and GPU (examples include the Intel i5 or the AMD RX series). Why not download MinerGate and put that computer to work for you no matter how modest the return? You never know how much those coins will be worth in ten years, do you?
Remember when we said those super-fast computers are often super-expensive? Well, that is where cloud-mining services like MinerGate’s program come into play. The mining analogy really does fit well in this case. Imagine you are a prospector in California back in the 1800s during the Gold Rush days. You go out into the mountains with your mule and pick axe and find a spot. You start digging and get lucky. There’s a vein of gold right there. So you go back into the nearest town with your mule loaded down with ore, ready to cash in, buy more supplies, and head back out to dig up some more. What’s going to happen next? You think you’ll be going back out alone, or will about 200 other prospectors follow you out? How will you protect your claim when the minute you ride back into town those other prospectors are going to “claim jump” all over your ore so when you get back, it is all gone? The answer back then was mining contracts where claims were protected by businesses who had experienced miners, security, lawyers, smelters, and payroll so they could share into claims and provide valuable services while sharing profits.
That is much like what has happened in cryptocurrency with computing power. When people discovered that they could make money by participating in the mining system, a virtual arms race of computational power ensued to the point that now the machines go far beyond a desktop computer. MinerGate takes the pressure off users by procuring the expensive equipment and then leasing it under contract. This allows for excellent returns on investment over time without huge up-front costs that truly competitive mining hardware would require for coins like Bitcoin. MinerGate is also one of the most trusted names in cloud mining, as they make no wild claims of get-rich-quick or insane returns on investments. Instead, MinerGate’s cloud mining is an excellent way to profit from the rising market trend over time of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero – plus Ethereum soon!
No matter what your goals, experience level, or familiarity with cryptocurrency, MinerGate is a solution you can be comfortable with from start to finish. Whether you want to mine with your own hardware and MinerGate’s software, or if you want to start out with your own mining contract, MinerGate is a trusted partner that will help you achieve your goals by providing the services you need.
Try out mining on your PC or mobile your self now
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What is bitcoin mining?

Miners are crucial to the functioning of the bitcoin blockchain, as their activities both enable transactions using existing bitcoins and serve as the means by which new bitcoins are added to the system. For those unfamiliar with computer science, the whole system can seem a bit… cryptic, but it need not be incomprehensible. Here is a brief overview of how it works.
The Mining Process
The process of validating bitcoin transactions is called “mining” because the activity requires work and yields a reward. While traditional mining entails extracting and refining ore to produce a valuable commodity, bitcoin mining consists of performing complex mathematical functions on a given set of values as a “proof-of-work,” in addition to ensuring that the transaction record has not been tampered with and that all recent transactions are valid. Previously validated transactions generate hash values, which are bundled into a “block,” which is then mathematically assigned a value called a “header,” which is incorporated into the next block of transactions. Any attempt to change the transaction record in a block would ultimately change this header value and thus break the “chain” and be rejected by the system (this is where the term “blockchain” originates).
In order to make earning the reward more difficult, miners must solve a complex math problem, performing calculations incorporating the header of the previous block and the values encoded in the new block which attempts, by a process of trial-and-error, to find a solution that is equal to or lower than a given number. This threshold is redefined every two weeks, with the aim of keeping the average amount of time required to validate new blocks relatively constant–ten minutes. The miner who solves the proof-of-work problem receives bitcoins as a reward.
Initially, this reward was 50 bitcoins per block, but the bitcoin protocol is designed to halve that reward over time (approximately every four years) as it approaches the predetermined limit of 21 million bitcoins. In order to keep the rate at which new bitcoins are created stable, the mining difficulty increases as more miners join the system. This is why most mining is now undertaken by “mining pools,” or organizations of miners who work together in order to have a better chance of winning the reward, which is then shared amongst the pool.
Miners are also compensated by charging fees for validating transactions, generally with higher fees resulting in faster processing times for transactions. As the system approaches the 21 million bitcoin limit, these fees will become even more important to incentivize the work done by miners. There is tremendous debate amongst miners over the optimal way to balance the need to keep fees and transaction times low with the needs of the mining community. Nakamoto appears to have anticipated these issues arising, and built enough flexibility into the system for the community to make adjustments.
The resource-intensive nature of cryptocurrency mining has generated debate even as it has created opportunities. Graphics card manufacturers like Nvidia have been unable to keep up with demand, as specialized “mining rigs” often exploit the edge GPUs enjoy over CPUs in solving certain complex math problems. Factoring in the cost of electricity, compounded by the need to deal with the waste heat generated by banks of mining computers, many miners have devised clever solutions–mom-and-pop operations in colder regions have used mining in place of central heating in the winter, while enterprising Venezuelans exploited subsidized electricity to mine bitcoins that provided a critical store of value as hyperinflation decimated local wages and savings. Reducing mining costs while maintaining a secure blockchain was a major consideration for Vitalik Buterin when designing the ethereum platform. Many other altcoin developers claim to have devised solutions that work in a more streamlined fashion than bitcoin, and its true that new and better systems could be developed, but bitcoin mining process still been the leader of the industry.
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Introducing 'MineCoin': a Minecraft-based Bitcoin 'mining' competition. For our beta test, we're giving away >80 mBTC.

Hi folks,
I'd like to introduce a project that we've been working on called MineCoin.
MineCoin is a Minecraft-based tournament game for mining gold ore blocks that are redeemable for Bitcoins (BitOre blocks). These tournaments are pay-to-play (in BTC) with the pooled entry fees making up the total number and value of BitOre in the game.
For our open Beta test, we're giving away >80 mBTC worth of BitOre. We only have 25 available player slots that are filled on a first come, first served basis. If you don't get in the top 25, we'll put you in the queue in case someone drops out.
The Beta test is scheduled for 9 pm (GMT+10) on the 21st of June (20 hours away at the time of this posting).
We are really after your feedback and suggestions, so feel free to drop them in the comments below.
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Andrei V - YouTube How to Setup a Bulwark Wallet and Mine Bulwark Hush JS CPU Mining MINERAÇÃO PELA GPU - YouTube Metizer Prova di pagamento

24 ore 48 ore 4 giorni. Il grafico sopra mostra la quota di mercato dei pool di mining bitcoin più popolari. Dovrebbe essere usato solo come stima approssimativa e per vari motivi non sarà preciso al 100%. Una grande porzione di blocchi è raggruppata nella categoria "Sconosciuto". Questo non significa un attacco alla rete, significa semplicemente che non siamo stati in grado di determinare ... I Bitcoin Mining Pool sono insomma dei servizi che permettono di utilizzare la tecnologia del calcolo distribuito per ottenere Bitcoin. Iscrivendosi a uno di essi e utilizzando appositi client è ... The mining pool has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%) we've ever seen. Other pools have over 0.30% rejected shares. Furthermore, the pool has a super responsive and reliable support team. Slush Pool is the 1st mining pool with more than 1.2M BTC mined since 2010. Explore features such as advanced payouts, monitoring and more. Mining Pools. The first thing we need is a mining pool. You can solo mine, but the payouts could take months depending on how powerful your mining rig is, and the mining pools usually charge a very small fee (1% or less). Using a pool will allow you to receive consistent payouts, multiple times per day.

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Andrei V - YouTube

COME MINARE BITCOIN FACILMENTE IN SOLI 4 MINUTI (LUGLIO 2018) ... - Visto che il PC viene spremuto e viene fatto per molte ore, consumerete molta corrente, quindi attenti alla bolletta. LINK PER L ... Links: **NVIDIA guide** ____... Websites mining using your CPU ... Some Sites Are Hiding Bitcoin Mining Scripts - Duration: 6:51. quidsup 5,632 views. 6:51 . How to Mine Bitcoins Using Your Own Computer - Duration: 3:36 ... Golden Predator: Pouring Gold at our Process Plant in the Yukon December, 2018. come guadagnare bitcoin come guadagnare satoshi mining criptovalute. Category People & Blogs; Show more Show less. Loading... Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video ...