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Client time?

Theres two main competitor clients in which people use to bet their bitcoin. One is called Dyborg which has features which are easy to use and a lot of people find useful. Also there is primebetter which is used by "xnickx" he is a pro martingale which makes 20btc ever time he has money, (he bust now) and as he creates a lot of publicity for the auto better, this creates opportunity for people to get scammed, and a scummy person has now created a client which contains a trojan, this has caused a lot of people to get scammed,
My suggestion is that you (primedice) creates a client in which people can get for free or pay for through bitcoin, this will help primedice and the community as this money could go into refurbishment or advertisement and as well as that will stop people from getting scammed.
Sincerely Zain Patel (Aatif on primedice)
Also, perhaps an bot which works on mac
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